10 Ways To Improve Your Blog :: Going From “0 to Hero”

10 Ways To Improve Your Blog :: Going From “0 to Hero”

I launched my blog early in 2015 with the intention of it being a “diary” of sorts to document the growth of myself and help others with the potential challenges they may be facing.

The intention was initially just to focus on business, music and fun stuff (learning new cool skills like how to become an expert marksman) but it occurred to me that growing a blog was also something worth recording.

With that said it has been VERY difficult for me to find another blog that has documented its growth from “0 to hero”. Most of the blog posts don’t seem to document the process very well. I am extremely passionate about showing this development, as I think this could really become a great resource for anyone looking to “leap frog” all the mistakes I am bound to make in the process!

For complete transparency I do plan on developing this blog into another stream of passive income and will open and honestly share relevant information regarding how I do it! More importantly though I am headed down this journey as I know the people I will inevitably meet along the way will be worth its weight in gold (Yes that means you!)

There are really a ton of things I  need to take care of as things are in the rough stages currently. As a side note for any of you “thinking about starting a blog”… STOP THINKING and just start. I seriously launched this thing at what i felt was 60% and was embarrassed / scared / worried it would hurt my “brand”. After my first blog post I received a message from a friend saying it was a helpful post and it changed my perspective.

We have the ability to go back and improve it, so get your message out there today!


The 10 Things I Need To Improve On My Blog

1. Get a better Lead Magnet

For those of you that don’t know what a “Lead Magnet” is (Also may be called “Optin Bribe”). Basically it is something of value you give a potential subscriber in return for their email address. This enables you to build a stronger relationship with them (unlike a passive blog viewer who may be gone forever). This also helps build the #1 asset in your business that no-one can take away from you… a list of potential / current customers! More on this topic in another post!

I am actually extremely proud of my “Morning Ritual” book and will end up self publishing it via Kindle in the near future.
Being completely honest though, I don’t feel it is a compelling enough offer yet.
My game plan is to add multiple “Action Checklists / Flowcharts” dedicated to productivity, making money online and accelerated learning. The book does not give readers enough IMMEDIATE GRATIFICATION and if they are not entirely into self development may not see the immediate value of reading this book.

2. Clear Call To Action “Above The Fold

The term “above the fold” originated from newspapers being folded over at newsstands. The top headline / page that was showing NEEDED to be compelling in-order for customers to want to pick it up. It didn’t matter what was in the later pages… if it isn’t compelling it wont draw people through the publication.

The same is applicable for websites. The “above the fold” section is anything that is showing prior to your visitor having to scroll down. Your blog should compel readers to take action, whether its click a link, share something, comment or purchase! As of right now my home page is pretty sparse with only a basic “subscribe” box on the left hand side. I need to add a banner (with an subscribe option somewhere) that compels the reader to move through my blog.

Nothign Above The Fold - Project Life Hacker

3. Making Content Easily Shareable (Plugin)

WordPress / Optimize Press currently has a decent social media setup but is nowhere near what I want. I am hunting for a plugin that I can install that will make sharing my content through social media platforms “one click”

This should be an easy fix just a bit of research is needed (Feel free to leave a comment if you know of a good one!)

4. Have My Own Product Available For Sale On Home Page

Plain and simple – it is impossible to make any money from this blog unless I have something for sale!
I am focusing on creating a small approximately $7 product (More then likely a course) that delivers tremendous value.
This is an extremely high priority for me and will be completed soon.

5. Lightbox Hover (Exit Popup)

This is something that is integrated with Aweber (my current autoresponder) as well as offered by OptimizePress and other plugins. Basically upon customer exiting the blog (or timed release while viewing) it will popup an option for the viewer to subscribe to the blog / mailing list. You can set it up to be as aggressive or tame as you like depending on the blog.
This is something I have had great success with in the past with affiliate websites but will wait to implement after my Lead Magnet is solid.

6. High Quality Banner For Website

Also pretty self explanatory! I need a better banner then the stock title currently showing.I will be using fiverr.com to get this done for $5-$10

7. Clear Categories For Visitors

This one is really important!! I plan on having LOADS of great content on here, but am still struggling with how to organize it all. The key point is incoming visitors should easily be able to navigate multiple areas of my blog without having to click 30 times to get to where they want to be.  This will take a good amount of work and will end up being a mindmap session while drinking a few beers.

8. Resources Page Needs Filling Out

This page is extremely important as it will be a hub for my recommendations on services, products and people to check out.
The title of the page may change but having this “one stop shop / start here” landing page will deliver immense value once it is completed. This is also an opportunity to generate affiliate commissions by referring visitors to the applicable products.

9. Regular Schedule Made For Posting
(give readers a reason to come back)

What is the point of a blog if I am not updating it regularly? The entire purpose is to communicate with as many people as I can and change as many lives for the better as possible. With that said I need to give people a reason to keep coming back! A schedule with consistent posting is the only way i can really make sure I am delivering value on a weekly / daily basis!

I am working on this right now and will come up with a game plan on how to best do this.
As well PLEASE leave me a comment on what you would like to read about!! This will help me (and you) tons!

10. Start Emailing My List Regularly

Most important of all!!! I need to start being regular with sending emails to my list. This is the first step towards me building REAL long term relationships with any of my subscribers (including you!) and is critical to the success of this blog. With constant communication via email I will be able to give more direct attention to the tribe we are building together!

I really hope this gave you a great insight into what I am working on right now!

I would love the opportunity to get to know you more 🙂
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