Short Tail VS Long Tail Keywords – How To Rank On Youtube Or Google

Hope you are having a rocking day! In this video I go over the difference between long tail and short tail keywords, and how it effects ranking. Many people focus on TOO SHORT of a keyword and struggle with ranking. By finding high quality / traffic long tail keywords you give your self a fighting chance to get seen. Another added benefit is the fact that your traffic will be more specific which usually turns into higher conversion! This concept [...]

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How To Cloak Your Affiliate Links For Free – For Facebook / Youtube Marketing

Hey guys this has come up a TON in my groups as of late. How to effectively cloak / create affiliate links that are brand-able. I go into my WordPress dashboard, show you how I create my links and ultimately how to set myself up for affiliate sales The video shows you how i create this link below using prettylink. This can be used for Facebook / YouTube / Instagram (really any social channel) to drive traffic where ever you [...]

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How To Start Your Online Business Today – Even If You Feel You Have No Marketable Skills Yet!

This question comes up FAR too often.... "But Dewan I don't have any skills to create a business around.." I go through the steps on what I feel are the best ways to get started TONIGHT on your business. 1. Find a specific skill, learn it over a weekend. 2. Record a video showing how to get the specific outcome 3. Upload it to youtube 4. Give value to someone through the video. 5. Upload it to Udemy (improve the [...]

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3 Biggest Takeaways And Review Of Brendon Burchard’s Experts Academy Seminar

Back from Brendon Burchard's Experts Academy (So glad to be back in Vancouver - missed my Girl / pup tons!) I go over a quick review of the live Seminar and the 3 personal takeaways that hit me. 1. Fear of being judged has been the #1 reason why I have been "hiding in the shadows." 2. My "slump" in fulfillment was due to not creating and sharing. 3. My core business mission is to radically transform people's lives rather [...]

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Late Night Supra POV VLOG – Lacking Motivation And The Traps Of Passive Income

Hope you are having a killer day! The last few weeks I have been MIA and re-evaluating what makes me happy. Truthfully lacking a bit of motivation and commitment to some of my current projects. "Passive Income" can be a great thing but it can also be a bit of a curse, especially when there is no real pressure to keep moving forward. Anyways really vulnerable share in this video but I want to be real and authentic with my [...]

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Guest Interview – Nick Landowski – Expanding Your Amazon Business In 2016

Sit down interview with Nick Landowski - a good friend and successful Amazon entrepreneur. We will be talking about how to expand your business in 2016 with smart brand development as well as moving into physical products (FBA). (Click Here To Watch On Youtube)

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Interview With Jason Bracht – Creating A Longterm Business And A REAL Impact In The World

Really happy to have my good friend. Jason Bracht on the channel. He is no stranger to entrepreneurship and has had success in multiple sales channels within his career. We sit down to talk about "playing the long game", what businesses we are currently working on and why making an IMPACT in this world is so important. (Click Here To Watch On Youtube)

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