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Exiting 2 Of My Businesses To Build My Ultimate Dream Life

Huge news - I'm shooting for the big leagues now. For the last few years I've been consistently pulling great money in my businesses but it has been also the cause of huge comfort in my life. It is time to let those projects go and open up my life to some new things. Im hopping back into E-commerce (while scaling my big money makers in the background) With that said I'm going to start income reports this month starting [...]

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My First Rental Property – New Income Stream! [VLOG]

Unbelievable week and I am really happy to have documented it through vlogging. I had set a goal this week to film 3 vlogs (to get myself outside of my comfort zone) and I could not have asked for a better ending :) Closed on my first rental property (Subject to strata documents but things are looking good) Having an open mind as we navigate through our businesses is so critical. Literally the night before I had decided to NOT [...]

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He Quit University – And Taught Me An Incredible Lesson – VLOG

^^^YOU HAVE TO CHECK OUT HIS MASSIVE F**K YOU TO BEING MEDIOCRE VIDEO^^^ Holy sh*t feeling amazing today (really late upload nearly 12am here... I need to figure out a better upload schedule). Anyways, big shout out to Brandon Nankivell for completely blowing my mind (and literally what will be 1000's on his channel in the up coming week). Short answer - quits university and films the most epic F**K YOU to living a mediocre / false life and choosing [...]

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6000 Subscribers And New Youtube Channel – Dude Wheres My Wallet

New youtube channel launching for my new business Will be building this one LIVE infront of everyone and sharing the behind the scene on this channel! Would love the subscribe to help me get a custom channel URL! Much Love! Big thank you to everyone!! (Click Here To Watch On Youtube)

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Youtube SEO and Video Ranking Case Study – 4 Hours in – How To Rank Your Youtube Video

Youtube SEO and Video Ranking behind the scenes from last night's interview with Russ: In 2 hours we ranked on first page for multiple really competitive keywords. This morning I woke up to him literally being #3 / #4 on every search term (I still hold #1 hehe) Anyways the point is there are MASSIVE land grabs available right under our noses to get in-front of our customers and add massive value. Keywords I Targeted: Fiction kindle publishing romance kindle [...]

BPU SUPRA Walkaround – PACNW Supra Nationals 2016 Prep – VLOG

BPU Supra Walk around! Tons of people have been asking me for a quick walk around of the car. Tomorrow night is the start of the Pacific Northwest Supra Nationals and decided to head down last minute! Quick vlog showing the car i'm headed down with. I'm waiting on some camera equipment that hopefully shows tonight so I can record the event! Friday: Drag Strip Saturday: Dyno day Should hit 350hp (At the wheels) @ 15PSI Mods: Full HKS exhaust [...]

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Interview With Jason Bracht – Creating A Longterm Business And A REAL Impact In The World

Really happy to have my good friend. Jason Bracht on the channel. He is no stranger to entrepreneurship and has had success in multiple sales channels within his career. We sit down to talk about "playing the long game", what businesses we are currently working on and why making an IMPACT in this world is so important. (Click Here To Watch On Youtube)

Afraid You Are Not An Expert Yet? Model Oprah! – The 2 Types Of Experts

Hope everyone is having a rocking day! This one came up in our group and I really wanted to touch on this. Everyone battles with the feeling of "Am I good enough / Who am I to teach others?" I go over the mindset shifts needed and give you ACTIONABLE ideas to start your online career in changing people's lives. (Click Here To Watch On Youtube)

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