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Youtube SEO and Video Ranking Case Study – 4 Hours in – How To Rank Your Youtube Video

Youtube SEO and Video Ranking behind the scenes from last night's interview with Russ: In 2 hours we ranked on first page for multiple really competitive keywords. This morning I woke up to him literally being #3 / #4 on every search term (I still hold #1 hehe) Anyways the point is there are MASSIVE land grabs available right under our noses to get in-front of our customers and add massive value. Keywords I Targeted: Fiction kindle publishing romance kindle [...]

Interview With Jason Bracht – Creating A Longterm Business And A REAL Impact In The World

Really happy to have my good friend. Jason Bracht on the channel. He is no stranger to entrepreneurship and has had success in multiple sales channels within his career. We sit down to talk about "playing the long game", what businesses we are currently working on and why making an IMPACT in this world is so important. (Click Here To Watch On Youtube)

Interview With Karla Marie – The Transformational Power Of Mastermind Groups

This is a BIG one! Karla and I sit down and chat about the immense success that happened due to being in a mastermind group with each other. Through the group, we were able to literally multiply our incomes and more importantly break through the self limiting beliefs that were part of our lives. Success is nearly ALL mindset and we will be highlighting this on the call. We will also be discussing the upcoming year of goals, businesses that [...]

Following His Passion Through Kindle Publishing – #1 Best Selling Author Dale L Roberts

Dale has been an up and coming entrepreneur within the book / self publishing community who I've personally seen have some incredible successes in the last month. Dale like many of us started off chasing money and ultimately spinning his wheels with his business. We talk about his story of struggle and ultimately the turning points to bring him where he is today! Too often we see videos of people making a "zillion dollars" and we sometimes turn off to [...]

[ Income Proof Part 2 ] $2,019.93 USD in 24 hours / $3318.87 in 72 hours – Passive Income

From the 28th to 29th I generated $1,298.94 in digital sales (no products to ship which means 100% profit margin) I didn't really have any intentions on filming a follow up today but ended up crushing it today with sales and decided filming part 2 made a ton of sense. Ended up banking *$2,019.93* straight into my Paypal account today! Hopefully this puts a nail in the coffin about "is it possible" to make a serious income online without having [...]

[ Income Proof Part 1] – $1298.94 Passive Income In 48 Hours – Membership Site

Hey guys! Back from being on my first International tour and was crusing through some recent Youtube comments and figured I'd film a video giving a bit of an insight behind the income in one of my businesses. I've been really blessed this year with such an incredible community asking how to develop an online business... yet critics seem to come with the territory. Many people really project negativity towards things they feel is "impossible" and label it a scam. [...]

Building Your DREAM Online Business – What Are Your Burning Questions? – Product Launches Online!

Hey guys! Got back from a really busy week (ran a charity event over the weekend) and am excited to really get things moving on the blog. I have a pretty big product launch coming up in the kindle marketplace and felt it was a good time to potentially show people what it takes to get a product moving. ( As well in general I really want to start doing Q&A on the channel and give you guys a REAL [...]

Social Media Marketing For Kindle Publishing – Focus on QUALITY not QUANTITY

In this video I go over the MINDSET of how to use automated tools to your advantage. The short answer is BUILD RELATIONSHIPS through social media and add value FIRST before absolutely beating 450 groups over the head with a cold offer. Focus on less then 20 groups and build massive value and you will get MASSIVE results. Automation is an incredible tool used with proper strategy, take the time to plan your campaigns and avoid randomly throwing your promotions [...]

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