He Quit University – And Taught Me An Incredible Lesson – VLOG

^^^YOU HAVE TO CHECK OUT HIS MASSIVE F**K YOU TO BEING MEDIOCRE VIDEO^^^ Holy sh*t feeling amazing today (really late upload nearly 12am here... I need to figure out a better upload schedule). Anyways, big shout out to Brandon Nankivell for completely blowing my mind (and literally what will be 1000's on his channel in the up coming week). Short answer - quits university and films the most epic F**K YOU to living a mediocre / false life and choosing [...]

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Short Tail VS Long Tail Keywords – How To Rank On Youtube Or Google

Hope you are having a rocking day! In this video I go over the difference between long tail and short tail keywords, and how it effects ranking. Many people focus on TOO SHORT of a keyword and struggle with ranking. By finding high quality / traffic long tail keywords you give your self a fighting chance to get seen. Another added benefit is the fact that your traffic will be more specific which usually turns into higher conversion! This concept [...]

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Late Night Supra POV VLOG – Lacking Motivation And The Traps Of Passive Income

Hope you are having a killer day! The last few weeks I have been MIA and re-evaluating what makes me happy. Truthfully lacking a bit of motivation and commitment to some of my current projects. "Passive Income" can be a great thing but it can also be a bit of a curse, especially when there is no real pressure to keep moving forward. Anyways really vulnerable share in this video but I want to be real and authentic with my [...]

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Stop Being Afraid Of Charging For Your Solutions: March 1st POV MKIV SUPRA VLOG

Hope you are having a rocking day! March 1st VLOG about what is going on in my business right now. This week I am currently working on: - Implementing paid traffic to my real estate website - Finalizing my free course "white belt" which covers designing your perfect day and defining your ideal customer and their problem path. I also touch on the difference between freebie seekers and people committed to creating an outcome in their life, and why CHARGING [...]

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Taking Massive Action As A Beginner – LIVE Interview With Scott Jay Marshall

Hey Guys! Scott has really hit my radar recently as someone who was a complete beginner but is taking massive action. I'll be hanging out with him for an hour chatting about the steps he has taken to build his business with 0 experience. *** Connect With Scott** Amazon: Scott Jay Marshall II YouTube Instagram Twitter FB: Scott Jay Marshall II FB Vlog Page: (Click Here To Watch On Youtube)

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Q&A: Content Creation – Ideal Customer Avatar And Their Problem Path

What is up everyone! This question came up in the group and I wanted to make a video in regards to this. Many people are struggling with what content / products / value should I START with when I just getting going. My advice is to film / write / sing / dance (CREATE!): ►20 pieces of content that YOU wish you had discovered while you were overcoming the problem. Especially in a passion based business most of us are [...]

Are You Playing To Win? Or Playing To NOT LOSE – Success Mindset

HAPPY MONDAY!!! Talked to one of my recent coaching students that I'm currently mentoring, and this question came up! He has been playing EXTREMELY safe and basically "playing to not lose" He is protecting a very SMALL corner of the market and really is acting like he is afraid of his own shadow. My advice was to PLAY TO WIN, be bold and have a champion mindset. When you act BOLD and truly believe you are in it to win, [...]

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Following His Passion Through Kindle Publishing – #1 Best Selling Author Dale L Roberts

Dale has been an up and coming entrepreneur within the book / self publishing community who I've personally seen have some incredible successes in the last month. Dale like many of us started off chasing money and ultimately spinning his wheels with his business. We talk about his story of struggle and ultimately the turning points to bring him where he is today! Too often we see videos of people making a "zillion dollars" and we sometimes turn off to [...]

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