My First Rental Property – New Income Stream! [VLOG]

My First Rental Property – New Income Stream! [VLOG]


Unbelievable week and I am really happy to have documented it through vlogging.

I had set a goal this week to film 3 vlogs (to get myself outside of my comfort zone) and I could not have asked for a better ending 🙂

Closed on my first rental property (Subject to strata documents but things are looking good)

Having an open mind as we navigate through our businesses is so critical. Literally the night before I had decided to NOT go ahead with this city as I felt the numbers just didn’t make sense.

Literally this morning my realtor called with a deal that fit every criteria (needle in a haystack) and within in 3 hours I had closed on it!

Know your numbers and opportunities will eventually fall into place.
Strict due diligence and commitment to what I wanted is what gave us the confidence and clarity to jump on this deal before any other investors could have.

Hopefully this inspires you to keep at your dreams and build your life brick by brick!

PS: Really appreciate all of the feedback and love I have been getting this week about the vlogs. I’ll be back to more How to next week… with vlogs mixed in!

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