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Resources I Recommend

You cannot be expected to build a house without any tools!

Along my journey I have personally used an incredible amount of products and services to help support my growth.

Over the years this has included books, seminars, online courses, bootcamps, software solutions… the list goes on. Ultimately I continue to experiment with what tools and resources can bring me closer to my dream lifestyle.

I frequently get asked what I’ve used on my journey and felt it would be great to share all of the products that I PERSONALLY use and would recommend to my closest friends.

This page is a combination of the resources I have used to improve my life and I hope it will give you as much value as it did me. I have included in this section ALL aspects of my life – health and wellness, passive income, internet marketing, finance, motivation, time management etc. Ultimately a running list of ways I have changed my life.

This page includes affiliate links. If you decide to purchase a product through one of these links I will get a small commission for it (at no cost to you).  I ONLY recommend products that I have PERSONALLY used and have got value from. I hope this list serves you as much as it has served me!

Business Tools

Scaling your business comes down to having automated tools to take care of MUCH of the process for you.
As your business scales continue looking into ways to automate processes so you can focus on the most important part (Creating valuable content!)

Think of these main areas as you grow your business.

      • Marketing
      • Content Distribution
      • Customer Support
      • Payment Processing

Video Equipment

This is my current setup for video equipment:

Internet Marketing / Blogging

The tools that I use to run my business and automate MUCH of the process (Do the work once and create passive income from it)



Hardware I Am Currently Running


My Products:
KBookPromotions – My automated marketing suite for kindle publishers. Easily identify, market and ultimately sell more books without the need of an enourmous staff.

Video Equipment and Software

Amazon Lighting




Health and Fitness
Omega NC800HDS

4 Hour Body
4 Hour Work Week
4 Hour Chef
7 Habits of Highly Effective People
Crush it