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Dewan Bayney is a self-made entrepreneur and online property developer who has built, owned, and sold multiple businesses over the last decade. He started out in the online property development space, which has influenced his business decisions as a whole. Dewan developed an SEO agency because he saw the asset-building potential of the internet – you build the assets once and they continue to generate traffic.

Over the years, he has continued to build assets that have compounded on themselves, including a recent dive into yield farming and acquiring a search marketing business in the events industry, Airwaves Music.

His macro mindset as a business owner is to develop online properties – not just businesses – for himself and his clients. This allows them to scale their businesses by developing multiple income streams.

Dewan Spreading The Kontakt Effect with Kontakt Digital

Dewan Bayney is the founder of an SEO-PPC agency, Kontakt Digital. Kontakt Digital is Vancouver’s #1 premiere SEO agency.

He got his first taste of SEO when he started his publishing company, through which he started mastering search marketing and intent marketing. And since then, he has helped double or triple the sales of over 100 7-figure companies worldwide.

Airwaves Music – Acquisition of The New Era of Entertainment in 2020

Dewan Bayney took a brave decision of acquiring western Canada’s largest DJ company amidst the global health crisis in 2020, and it paid off. Since the acquisition, he has successfully doubled the events-based company.

Airwaves Music has performed at over 3000 events and offers experienced and professional DJs who will ensure the dance floor stays packed and everyone has a wonderful time at weddings.

Build Assets SO THAT You Can Be Sovereign

Sovereignty to Dewan is ultimate independence and ownership of his life, decisions, and future.

It’s not the freedom to do things but the freedom to create and the gap he notices is people don’t want the ownership of the decisions they make whether it’s good or bad and want someone else (employer, government, etc) to take responsibility for their actions. According to him, extreme ownership and accountability is a prerequisite for extreme freedom.

His journey has been one big game of being told what to do, to build a life DESPITE what the world is doing – crypto or multiple passports etc., all these things he is working on are from the core essence of being free.


Results is the name of the game, and results is what you get when you work with Dewan and Kontakt.
You’re in the best hands here.

Nicholas Li

INSANE GROWTH – Less than 45 days after I started working with Dewan and Kontakt, I was producing in a day what I used to produce in a month. Highly, highly recommended.
Insane… Growth.

Scott Marshall

Legends! These guys practice what they preach.

Brandon Nankivell

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