Birthday Thoughts – Flow VS Control

Big thank you for the birthday wishes took the weekend to relax/reflect on what undoubtedly has been the “best year of my life”

2018 was a really rough one for me many of the things I thought were “done / complete / certain” ended up falling apart.

I ended up going through a 3-year process of self-discovery:

Multiple moments of complete rock bottom and some dark moments of “what’s the point”

Therapy, Men’s Work, Periods of “doing nothing” periods of overcompensation – other stints of mass overindulgence.


Lockdowns happened and my “travel the world” plans were squashed and was forced home

with nowhere to run or fix me externally.

Looking back it was the best thing that could have happened to me.


My #1 biggest learning lesson has been that we are “chasing flow” state (internal creation) and NOT outside stimulus.

The only true thing we have control over is INPUTS, not outputs (results).

We’ve heard this as “Do something you are passionate about” / Focus on the process not the result etc.

For me it’s simple – and something I’ve taken directly from a mentor I’m actively working with right now (Catherine Howell thank you!).

Is this a RED LIGHT activity or a Green Light activity.

This has completely transformed my worldview and honestly without measuring my external results.

I’ve achieved more financially, spiritually and POSITIVE IMPACT on others than I have in 1 year than I ever dreamed possible.

WITHOUT the dirty fuel of “obligation / burnout / chasing”


As an entrepreneur, we get caught in this game of “more / better / reaching potential”

That created burnout / massive emotional swings and emptiness

I can say now with calmness and peace that all we are trying to truly do is be present and live in a “flow state” where we are at peace with who we are and what we are doing.

Last year I started really settling into this frequency and it’s amazing the coincidences / randomness / alignment that seems to just appear when you are in this state.


To my team thank you for being on this ride with me as I’ve been on the journey of “unf*cking myself” from all of the programming I had.

To my friends and closest relationships in my life (you know who you are) thank you for supporting me through this period and allowing me to see me for me – without the labels or roles I put on myself.

To my incredible clients / business friends etc – you’ve seen the transformation in our business and depth of service.

For the first time in a long time, I’m feeling ready to hop back and share my thoughts publicly as “ME”

Not an entrepreneur



[Insert random label]

Just me the person – going through life and hopefully helping others not step on the same landmines I did.


Really grateful for all of you 🙂

Here’s to a year of flow – 🏴‍☠️