Bit of Perspective This Morning

I’ve had construction going on for about 8 months at my house finishing up this weekend and one of the laborers approached me after getting my Instagram to keep in touch.

We’ve been talking lockdowns / work etc for the last while and he dumped on me openly about how he wants to change his life / is unhappy with construction etc.

He noticed I was “mutual friends” with his amazon coaches and mentioned how he paid for mentorship and their course has completely changed the trajectory of what his future “could be”


He admitted that he was working up the courage to talk to me as he’s essentially heard me speaking on calls for 8 hrs a day for months around internet marketing (listening in on agency calls / team calls / sales calls etc)

We talked for about 30 min this morning and you could see the excitement ((talked about niche selection / entrepreneurial journey etc.) really sharp guy.


Tough to remember that there are people who are on the other side of those views/comments/purchases and one video or convo can drastically change someones world view or perspective on what they can achieve / they really do value proximity

What we do is really valuable and we are so stuck in our narrow world surrounded by other entrepreneurs “who just get it” and that there are people dying for proximity to us even if it’s to learn what NOT to do.

A really good reminder this morning on the orders of influence we have.

If he changes his life it changes his girlfriends / maybe his parent’s life too all from us potentially being catalysts.

We take for granted what we know from being so immersed that we don’t realize that other people can barely spell CTA but are so hungry to change their life.

You could only be 6 months into a journey.

Maybe you JUST DJ’d your first live gig…

But there’s still someone on that dancefloor that is dying to be in the position you are in.

The competency that you have built that has become unconscious could be a 3rd language to someone new to the hobby / sport / results you have.