My Biggest Learning Lessons After Acquiring Airwaves Music – Western Canada’s Largest Events Company

Another Year Coming to an End - Closing 2022 on a High! 2022 at Airwaves Music 30+ DJs nationwide 220+ events 3 incredible staff that have become like family. 2nd year of ownership 1 proud papa (and tired) Incredible experience overall, with us nearly

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Bit Of Perspective – You Are Further Ahead Than You Realize | Dewan Bayney

Bit of Perspective This Morning I've had construction going on for about 8 months at my house finishing up this weekend and one of the laborers approached me after getting my Instagram to keep in touch. We've been talking lockdowns / work etc for the last while and he

Q&A Session: First client, Time management, Mindset, and more | Dewan Bayney

In this video, catch me talking about my experiences and learnings that could help you avoid the landmines I stepped on while starting and running my businesses over the years. I've answered some of the frequently asked questions from solopreneurs who are ready to start their journey in the

Does The Paid To Think Method Work? | [Relationships] | Dewan Bayney

Does The Paid To Think Method Work? Technology is simplifying every task of essentially every industry. So do you think we'll soon be running agencies or any organization without employees? I believe we still need human input in every task. So I try to make my employees' lives easier

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