Building an SEO Agency and Moving to Bali in Winter

In life, there’s a point in which we must decide, do we choose to be controlled by life or do we take control of our life. And there’s no place for self-doubts, we must take a bold decision.

In a recent podcast with Danny Carlson, who is an Amazon E-com Expert specializing in PPC Management & Listing Optimization, I went into details about how I started my online business, what I focused on in the early days, how I established a successful SEO Agency.

I believe the agency business is the most direct way to make $10,000 a month. For this, you don’t need a hundred clients, just a few good clients. For me, relationships have always been a core factor, and the client serving business ticks a lot of boxes for me which I get to do thanks to my agency.

I constantly remind my team that relationships are key.

In the podcast, I talk about getting my feet wet with a local coffee shop here in Vancouver and the importance of starting with your social circle, adding value to their business, and in return, they will add value to yours. Honestly, 95% of my clients come from my social circle.

These clients have become my close friends and business partners. So much so that we are exchanging memes at 2 AM in the morning.

In a lot of ways, this is what motivates me, working with the people I care about and believing in their product. That is when work doesn’t feel like work anymore.

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