11 04, 2022

34 – Birthday Thoughts – Flow VS Control | Dewan Bayney


Birthday Thoughts - Flow VS Control Big thank you for the birthday wishes took the weekend to relax/reflect on what undoubtedly has been the "best year of my life" 2018 was a really rough one for me many of the things I thought were "done / complete / certain" ended up falling apart. I ended up going through a 3-year process of self-discovery: Multiple moments of complete rock bottom and some dark moments of "what’s the point" Therapy, Men's Work, Periods of "doing nothing" periods of overcompensation - other stints of mass overindulgence. *** Lockdowns happened and my "travel the world" plans were squashed and was forced home with nowhere to run or fix me externally. Looking back it was the best thing that could have happened to me. *** My #1 biggest learning lesson has been that we are "chasing flow" state (internal creation) and NOT outside stimulus. The

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17 01, 2022

Q&A Session: First client, Time management, Mindset, and more | Dewan Bayney


In this video, catch me talking about my experiences and learnings that could help you avoid the landmines I stepped on while starting and running my businesses over the years. I've answered some of the frequently asked questions from solopreneurs who are ready to start their journey in the world of entrepreneurship. I have described how I managed to overcome all the pitfalls in my journey and took learning lessons from them. Tell me about your business experiences and stories in the comments below.

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23 06, 2014

June 2014 Goals


June 2014 Goals Hey Guys! Update on my June 2014 goals - including a recap of my success over May. Big take away from this video is although you may not know every step of the path - it is important to keep moving forward. The best strategy is to "build your castle brick by brick". In my case tackling the 30 day challenge project is a new undertaking for me. By focusing on committing to an outline for this month it guarantees I continue moving forward with this project. Goals for this month: - 5 value adding videos total on Youtube / My blog by July 1st - Have A High Value downloadable workshop available on project life hacker by July 1st - First Paperback draft book that i am extremely proud of July 1st - 30 Day Challenge outline done July 1st - Redone intro video for Youtube

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