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Building an SEO Agency and Moving to Bali in Winter

In life, there’s a point in which we must decide, do we choose to be controlled by life or do we take control of our life. And there’s no place for self-doubts, we must take a bold decision. In a recent podcast with Danny Carlson, who is an Amazon E-com Expert specializing in PPC Management & Listing Optimization, I went into details about how I started my online business, what I focused on in the early days, how I established [...]

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Halfway to 2020, What now?

Have you accomplished what you wanted to? No one expected the year to go the way it did. COVID-19 dealt a huge blow not only to our daily lives but also on an emotional level. We set out the year with big plans and aspirations, but COVID-19 turned out to be a big speed bump. It has put immense pressure on us, both mentally and physically, so what now?   Don’t change your goal, change your approach Even though the [...]

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BPU SUPRA Walkaround – PACNW Supra Nationals 2016 Prep – VLOG

BPU Supra Walk around! Tons of people have been asking me for a quick walk around of the car. Tomorrow night is the start of the Pacific Northwest Supra Nationals and decided to head down last minute! Quick vlog showing the car i'm headed down with. I'm waiting on some camera equipment that hopefully shows tonight so I can record the event! Friday: Drag Strip Saturday: Dyno day Should hit 350hp (At the wheels) @ 15PSI Mods: Full HKS exhaust [...]

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My Childhood Dream Car – TT Toyota Supra – Creating A Dream Board And Achieving It [VLOG 001]

In this video, I go over how I went from broke, with no idea what to do with my life to knocking every single dream I ever had off my list. This car was the last thing on the list I created 5 years ago and was really a special moment for me. When I originally created the list it was from a place of complete loss with no idea where to turn... so it see everything on that list [...]

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Join The Digital Lifestyle Bootcamp Community!

Just got back from Tofino - feeling incredibly recharged and wanted to give us ALL a place to hang out and support each other developing passion based businesses. I have had an incredible amount of people message me about where to find a peer group of like minded individuals. I've decided to spearhead it myself and give us a platform to connect  

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What Multi-tasking Is Robbing You Of!

I had the great opportunity to sit down with a friend over some coffee and chat about productivity. We both had incredibly productive months yet he seemed much happier about his accomplishments. I unfortunately have been feeling a bit worn down as of late, scatter brained and feel like I am juggling one too many balls. Things are getting done... barely and the things I really wanted to achieve on a personal front seem to have taken the back burner [...]

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The 30 Day Challenge – Change Your Life In 30 Days

One of the fundamental parts of my life is the 30 day Challenge. This has been at the core of my self development for the last 2 years and has given me literally exponential growth! Watch my Youtube Video on the basics of the 30 Day Challenge: In my opinion this is one of the most important habits or skills to learn on your journey of self development.  Mastering the 30 day challenge is the ultimate building block towards setting [...]