22 04, 2022

Bit Of Perspective – You Are Further Ahead Than You Realize | Dewan Bayney


Bit of Perspective This Morning I've had construction going on for about 8 months at my house finishing up this weekend and one of the laborers approached me after getting my Instagram to keep in touch. We've been talking lockdowns / work etc for the last while and he dumped on me openly about how he wants to change his life / is unhappy with construction etc. He noticed I was "mutual friends" with his amazon coaches and mentioned how he paid for mentorship and their course has completely changed the trajectory of what his future "could be" **** He admitted that he was working up the courage to talk to me as he's essentially heard me speaking on calls for 8 hrs a day for months around internet marketing (listening in on agency calls / team calls / sales calls etc) We talked for about 30 min this

Bit Of Perspective – You Are Further Ahead Than You Realize | Dewan Bayney2022-04-25T15:47:26+00:00
11 04, 2022

34 – Birthday Thoughts – Flow VS Control | Dewan Bayney


Birthday Thoughts - Flow VS Control Big thank you for the birthday wishes took the weekend to relax/reflect on what undoubtedly has been the "best year of my life" 2018 was a really rough one for me many of the things I thought were "done / complete / certain" ended up falling apart. I ended up going through a 3-year process of self-discovery: Multiple moments of complete rock bottom and some dark moments of "what’s the point" Therapy, Men's Work, Periods of "doing nothing" periods of overcompensation - other stints of mass overindulgence. *** Lockdowns happened and my "travel the world" plans were squashed and was forced home with nowhere to run or fix me externally. Looking back it was the best thing that could have happened to me. *** My #1 biggest learning lesson has been that we are "chasing flow" state (internal creation) and NOT outside stimulus. The

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17 01, 2022

Q&A Session: First client, Time management, Mindset, and more | Dewan Bayney


In this video, catch me talking about my experiences and learnings that could help you avoid the landmines I stepped on while starting and running my businesses over the years. I've answered some of the frequently asked questions from solopreneurs who are ready to start their journey in the world of entrepreneurship. I have described how I managed to overcome all the pitfalls in my journey and took learning lessons from them. Tell me about your business experiences and stories in the comments below.

Q&A Session: First client, Time management, Mindset, and more | Dewan Bayney2022-01-17T14:55:31+00:00
7 01, 2022

Does The Paid To Think Method Work? | [Relationships] | Dewan Bayney


Does The Paid To Think Method Work? Technology is simplifying every task of essentially every industry. So do you think we'll soon be running agencies or any organization without employees? I believe we still need human input in every task. So I try to make my employees' lives easier and encourage them to invest in themselves and get paid to think. I do this because creativity can never be automated or commoditized. The strategy makes the difference, and technology won't think for you to make things better. That is why we practice getting paid to think and invest in ourselves at my organization. It motivates them and gets better results! So, do you think organizations will start replacing employees with tools in the future? Let me know in the comments below!

Does The Paid To Think Method Work? | [Relationships] | Dewan Bayney2022-01-07T16:22:50+00:00
3 01, 2022

How I Got My First Client | Story Time | Dewan Bayney


How I Got My First Client | Story Time As we move into 2022 our entire team is working extremely hard on systematizing everything we do so we can finally share our internal processes at scale with the business owners that are the lifeblood of our economy and communities. As we prep for 2022 I’m finally getting back on the horse to help the small business owner breakthrough online and hopefully help you avoid the land mines I stepped on. And I thought this would be the perfect time to look back 5 years and see how I got my first client. The philosophy is still the same, identifying the problems, solving them, and HELP CLIENTS WIN! 💪 For us it’s not about the money it’s the relationships and stories we get to share and the impact your business / service / message delivers to the world. Here’s to all

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