Dewan Bayney moved to Vancouver 10 years ago with a dream. He started working at a Car rental company. But what made him fall in love with the city was the music. 


After starting a corporate job, he was doing well for himself, yet he wasn’t happy. He wanted to be in control of his life. He left his job and started his record label, “Kontakt Records.” He soon realized that he could make all the products in the world, but that doesn’t mean people were going to buy them.


After that realization, Dewan decided to dive into digital marketing. He started his own Kindle publishing company, where he got his first taste of SEO. Dewan started to understand what internet traffic really was and realized those that could control traffic could write their own ticket.

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Dewan has been working online for 8+ years now, and he has become an established entrepreneur who has seen and done it all. He owns an SEO – PPC agency under the Kontakt banner, “Kontakt Digital.”

Dewan always wanted to be in control of his life and in control of helping people with services, so besides his record label and publishing company, he explored the opportunity of launching a highly successful SaaS company that was serving 500+ clients monthly at its peak.

Fast forward to 2020, amidst the pandemic, he acquired and doubled the sales of western Canada’s largest DJ company, “Airwaves Music.” But that’s not all. He is currently working on 6+ partnerships and multiple e-commerce businesses.

With Dewan’s expertise in search marketing and intent marketing, his consulting sessions have helped entrepreneurs grow their business by implementing a mindset shift for success along with an innovative plan based on what works best from Google trends.

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Dewan Spreading The Kontakt Effect with Kontakt Digital

Dewan Bayney is the founder of an SEO-PPC agency, Kontakt Digital. Kontakt Digital is Vancouver’s #1 premiere SEO agency.

He got his first taste of SEO when he started his publishing company, through which he started mastering search marketing and intent marketing. And since then, he has helped double or triple the sales of over 100 7-figure companies worldwide.

Airwaves Music – Risky Acquisition of an Events Company in 2020

Dewan Bayney took the risk of acquiring western Canada’s largest DJ company amidst the pandemic in 2020. But his risk paid off. Since the acquisition, he has successfully doubled the events-based company. 

Airwaves Music has performed at over 3000 events and offers experienced and professional DJs who will ensure the dance floor stays packed and everyone has a wonderful time at weddings.

Kontakt Records

Kontakt Records is a music label spreading the message “Connecting the world through the music one dancefloor at a time.” This is the first company Dewan has founded and it was back in 2014. Kontakt Records is the home of talented artists like David Loud, Matthew, and Dewan Bayney himself. You can find the label’s top songs on their Beatport page.

Kontakt Publishing

Kontakt Publishing is a digital publishing company that specializes in kindle direct publishing. They publish e-books, audiobooks and hard cover books on different topics with the goal of providing value to consumers and profiting from their publications.
The company has been able to publish and deliver content through its strong network of writers, editors, illustrators and designers.


Results is the name of the game, and results is what you get when you work with Dewan and Kontakt.
You’re in the best hands here.

Nicholas Li

INSANE GROWTH – Less than 45 days after I started working with Dewan and Kontakt, I was producing in a day what I used to produce in a month. Highly, highly recommended.
Insane… Growth.

Scott Marshall

Legends! These guys practice what they preach.

Brandon Nankivell

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