Halfway to 2020, What now?

Have you accomplished what you wanted to?

No one expected the year to go the way it did. COVID-19 dealt a huge blow not only to our daily lives but also on an emotional level. We set out the year with big plans and aspirations, but COVID-19 turned out to be a big speed bump. It has put immense pressure on us, both mentally and physically, so what now?

Don’t change your goal, change your approach

Even though the pandemic has thrown you off course. It does not mean you have to change your goals; you just need to change our approach. You don’t have to settle based on external influences. What you need now is a plan, a plan for the next 6 months. Plan the next six months according to what reality is currently, but don’t limit yourself, dream big!

Re-evaluate your life

We have been given something we normally can’t have enough of; Time. The best way to utilize this time would be to re-evaluate your life, business and finances. Set some goals, figure out the strategy and map out a plan in your head. In a time when it’s hard to find motivation to work, learn to love yourself and find meaning to what you are doing. For me personally, along with Team Kontakt, we plan on slowing down to strategize and map out the second half of 2020 taking in the current world situation and the new normal. 

Where is Dewan Bayney headed?

  • I am an athlete; is an identity shift I am focusing on as my priority. That means getting enough sleep, finding the time to exercise, and finally following a proper diet.
  • I am a business owner; I am shifting from internet marketer to owning a portfolio of companies – hiring incredibly gifted and passionate people to solve problems we are passionate about.
  • I am an artist; Music/community/creative practices to express art and have fun without the pressure of having to make it financially viable.

I am grateful for the sprint over the last few months, the grind. I have sacrificed my health and my art for the sake of growing the business. This week I’ll take some time to recover and re-adjust my schedule based on priorities.

“Short sprints are acceptable, but life is a marathon, not a sprint.”

So, make sure you don’t burn out! Spend some time this week and check in on what you need personally. We are rooting for you! Anything is possible if you truly decide to make it happen.

Back half of 2020 Let’s get it!