He Quit University – And Taught Me An Incredible Lesson – VLOG

Holy sh*t feeling amazing today (really late upload nearly 12am here… I need to figure out a better upload schedule)

Anyways big shout out to Brandon Nankivell for completely blowing my mind (and literally what will be 1000’s on his channel in the up coming week)

Short answer – quits university and films the most epic F**K YOU to living a mediocre / false life and choosing to become the happiest / most passionate version of himself!!

Unbelievably inspiring for me and really hit home the fact that what I do MATTERS too.

Sometimes its easy to get lost in the day to day of running a business and forget to connect with the real reason why you are doing it.

Brandon thank you for helping me over come some of my own personal fears of creating content and having people fail… and creating a feeling of incredible abundance in my life today.