Dewan Bayney is an international touring artist, DJ and a passionate entrepreneur. Under his record label Kontakt Records, he has signed many International Artists breaking through to the top 50 on Beatport with nearly every release.

As an artist Dewan has released several of his own tracks hitting the Beatport Top 100, Top 5 Techno On Traxsource and ultimately hitting the 100 most purchased tracks in 2015 (Traxsource). Dewan also hosts an extremely popular youtube video show / podcast annexing nearly 2 million views and 17 million minutes of watch time.

In addition to being a passionate artist and musician, Dewan is an established entrepreneur that has seen and done it all. Owned and sold an extremely successful publishing company, as well as launching a highly successful software company that at it’s peak was serving 500+ clients monthly.

Dewan currently owns and operates an SEO agency that has doubled and even tripled the sales of multiple 6 figure companies from around the world, and even runs his own ecom business around incense – rest – recover- and reconnecting as a tribute to his late grandfather. Dewan is also the go to marketing and business development consultant to multiple 6-figure brands.

Dewan’s success in living a full and passionate life has inspired many around the world to live everyday with fulfillment and passion within their own businesses and personal lives. Showing them that they don’t have to choose between successful professional life and successful personal life. He has now worked with and coached hundreds of entrepreneurs and business owners and he takes pride witnessing the transformation and success stories with his students and clients.

What Dewan Does


“Build Communities
not followers.”




100 – 535 Thurlow St #1999, Vancouver, BC V6E 3L2

Mon – Fri 9.00 – 18.00h

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