How To Pick A Profitable Niche – Dewan Bayney Podcast – EP 01 – Guest Dalton Scott

Hey guys hope all is well!!!!

I am super excited to be kicking off my podcast where ill be going over internet marketing, business growth and hanging out with friends and chatting about anything exciting in our lives.

Before I kick off the podcast I go over a quick introduction about my career on the internet as well as the current businesses I run to generate a full time income online.

In Episode 01 I sit down with a close friend of mine Dalton who is a six figure internet marketer (his top month was $11,000).
Dalton is a coaching client of mine who is looking to develop his online presence and grow his blog from $0 to 100K ($8400 a month) this year.

We go over the basics of entering any new market – specifically tackling what I feel is the #1 asked question for any newbie – How to pick a Niche