I’m Overwhelmed… This Is What I Am Doing To Solve It!

I’ve just come back from a recent trip to Winnipeg  that lasted a total of 5 days (My home town where I haven’t visited in nearly 2 years) and to be completely honest it derailed the “fragile” balance I had of juggling the many projects I had going.

For those of you that don’t know me, I really do enjoy being busy and love a bit of organized chaos in my life. But like so many other entrepreneurs I do tend to have more ideas then time and from frequently take on more then i can chew… 😉

I touched on the issue of multitasking in my recent blog post: What Multi-Tasking is Robbing You Of and am well aware of my tendency to want to do everything at once, but I have found I still indulge way too frequently.

With that said I spent a good hour on Sunday night doing a brain dump of all of my current projects and goals and really got a good grasp of what I want to achieve with my business in the next 3 and 6 months (look for a blog post on this soon)

I implemented a new system based on FORCED SINGLE FOCUS.
Modelling the unbelievable amount of information on “scheduling block time” I went ahead and scheduled block days.

Personally I find with my current system of allocating 1-2 hours to a task, my mind is still wandering around the 100 other things i “could be doing” with completely unrelated businesses. By breaking my businesses into days I really am limiting what i can think about and already (end of day 2) found my productivity jumped immensely.

This Highlights an important point:
Revisit your habits / success systems as they may not be as effective as the used to be!

On Monday I started my day with a brain dump of all the things I needed to achieve with my kindle business, followed with an 80/20 analysis of the tasks. In short order i was able plow through work that I have been putting off for weeks due to circular thought processes about other businesses (mainly how to connect my kindle business to my online presence).

Dewan Bayney Nov 17th Kindle

Below I have listed the major projects and businesses I am currently working on and the major outcomes I am working towards achieving.

Working on Kindle Publishing Business
(Complete Automation Of Process + Hire New Virtual Assistants- 80% There)

Working on Blog / Online Presence
(Get posting schedule completed / Start working on layout)

Record Label / Working On Personal Music
(Complete templates for new Artists / Organize Workflow Template For Making New Songs)

Ecommerce Websites / Affiliate Marketing
(Setup a posting schedule for social media / Create review template for products)

Product Creation
(Map Entire Sales Funnel)

As a side note to this entire process, most of the main outcomes are all systems based as these are the highest leverage use of my time. For anyone struggling to build an online business and is “time poor” taking a look at processes you can automate (creating checklists or flowcharts) can help expedite the process in the future. I already know that focusing on tasks that I only have to do once but will pay me back with saved time in the future = a huge freedom advantage.

Hopefully this blog post helps give you a few ideas, and more importantly shows you the fact that everyone regardless of current situation can struggle with multitasking. I will continue running with this system until I find a better way of doing things (as should you with any system in your life!). Constant reevaluating of the habits that run your life will give you great insight in how to improve it!


  1. Brain Dump All Existing Projects
  2. 80/20 Analysis Of Tasks
  3. Create Block Time (Or in my case block days!)
  4. Create Processes That Will Leverage My Time (Automation)
    5. Review The Process To See If It Is Helping Or Hurting!