Every Entrepreneur Should Hire an Executive Assistant

I believe every entrepreneur’s first hire should be an executive assistant.
I can definitely say my executive assistant has been the most important hire I’ve made as an entrepreneur.
The problem with being a solopreneur is you have to take care of EVERY aspect of the business, be it sales, marketing, or finance. And for a visionary like myself, it was impossible for me to free up bandwidth to focus on growing the business.
At first you might think about how you’re going quantify having somebody working for you for X amount of hours a day. And questions like filling up their time and tasks will follow.
But with time they will start freeing up your time and organize everything so you can focus on the most important task, solving the biggest problems within your company.
If you want to scale up your business but you aren’t getting enough time to think and take actions towards it, hire an executive assistant and free up your time!
Did you already hire or want to hire an executive assistant? Comment Below!