[ Income Proof Part 2 ] $2,019.93 USD in 24 hours / $3318.87 in 72 hours – Passive Income

Follow up to my video on November 29th!

From the 28th to 29th I generated $1,298.94 in digital sales (no products to ship which means 100% profit margin)

I didn’t really have any intentions on filming a follow up today but ended up crushing it today with sales and decided filming part 2 made a ton of sense.

Ended up banking *$2,019.93* straight into my Paypal account today!

Hopefully this puts a nail in the coffin about “is it possible” to make a serious income online without having to sell 1000 products per day.

The best part of the entire situation is the fact that it was with SO little customers (and shows the power of higher priced items)

Ultimately I want to inspire YOU to take action on developing a high value product that you are extremely passionate about. It is extremely possible to generate a life changing income in an area that you love (and stop grinding at things you hate doing)

For those people that were skeptical here you go – you need to change your frame of thinking to what IS possible rather then what ISN’T possible.

If you feel that a $10,000 day is impossible you are right!
If you feel that a $10,000 day is only a few pieces of key knowledge away… you are right as well!

$2019 a day = a $735,000+ a year business – all I have to do is replicate the traffic / offer and scale accordingly and that income is within my grasp. ESPECIALLY because I have already achieved it once (i just have to replicate this day 364 more times)

Mindset is 80% of this game (20% is mechanics)

Hope this helps push you through some mental barriers and inspires you to dream big – there is enough abundance for ALL of us to have a passionate and fulfilled life!

Everyone has an inner entrepreneur within them! Its just a matter of believing in yourself!

Leave a comment below – and let me know if there is anything you want me to film about!

Chat soon!