Another Year Coming to an End – Closing 2022 on a High!

30+ DJs nationwide
220+ events
3 incredible staff that have become like family.
2nd year of ownership
1 proud papa (and tired)
Incredible experience overall, with us nearly doubling the pre-pandemic number of events.
And over $500,000 in revenue in 2 short years.
Taking the “gamble” of acquiring an events company during the pandemic was one of my greatest learning lessons.

Biggest takeaways

1. People will project their fears/assumptions on you.

Play your own game and surround yourself with “how can I” thinkers.
“Running multiple businesses is impossible.”
“Events are risky.”
“Your other businesses will suffer.”
Both the agency and airwaves flourished (mostly due to pure stubbornness) but also because all we do is search – this was ultimately a decision to take ownership of a business that would already have made an amazing agency client – we just have more control.

2. Leading a company from core values focus WORKS.

It creates empowered decision-making and puts the team in a place of power and ownership to help steer the ship where we COLLECTIVELY agree on the vision.

My / our values

1. Deep meaningful relationships
2. Create Daily
3. 1% Better
Deciding to go DEEP with our clients/staff/team, truly treating them like family (or in my case, the “grandma test” – is this how you’d treat grandma), has shifted the company into a “long game” approach.
Allowed us to retain amazing talent/charge more due to deeper service levels.
Focusing on actively creating DAILY has a team innovating and truly asking “what’s next” while keeping work engaging and exciting.
1% better – incremental gains daily focussed on service compounds massively.
It also creates a culture of methodical needle-moving.
Read atomic habits – 1% daily is 30x by the end of the year.
As I settle back into Vancouver, I’ll start opening up and sharing some of the wins/losses and learning lessons I’ve accumulated with my time away from creating content.
I just finished my 2nd business acquisition last month and will be instilling the same values-based process that has helped grow Kontakt / Airwaves and now HSF (hehe, still teasing on the company)
To the 30+ team members at airwaves, thanks for your trust and support in me leading us through the last few years.