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In this blog post I give an honest review of Mark Bishop’s “Lazy Affiliate 2.0” or “LA2” for short.
Releasing on November 24th, 2014 – Mark was nice enough to send me a pre-sale copy to take a look at and give my feedback.

For those of you that follow my blog you know that niche / affiliate marketing is one of my absolute favourite ways to make money online. There are literally 1000’s of highly profitable and low competition markets out there that any level of internet marketer can make money from. With no inventory, customer support or large upfront investment it makes this method of making a living very lucrative!

For those of you who have not been exposed to Mark; he has quite a few products out specifically in the niche marketing space including:

Niche Synergy
Profit Silos

I have gone through his products in the past and have found immense value from them. Mark has a no BS approach to his teaching and really does go step by step on how to setup affiliate sites QUICKLY while filling in many of the blanks along the way.

Mark’s new course “Lazy Affiliate 2.0” covers an in-depth but easy strategy using authority sites to help boost search engine rankings for articles which eventually convert into affiliate sales.

LA2 includes a case study spanning over 12 months where his initial $15 investment turns into a $1200 paycheck at the end of the year… all while being completely passive.

For the Newbie Internet Marketer this really is a great “beginning to end” course that leads you through the absolutely essential skills you will need to master in order to be successful LONG TERM in this business. This isn’t some push button magic box but a real step by step walk-through on the flow of affiliate marketing.

LA2 Goes over:

Researching Niches
Identifying Buyer Keywords
Setting Up Domains
Finding Web hosting
Wordpress / Themes / Cpanel
PLR and how rebrand it
Generating Traffic
Landing pages
Basic graphic design
Building an email list

For the Advanced Internet Marketer the information is really refreshing and straight to the point. Mark moves quickly into the actionable steps and highlights a traffic source that will EASILY pay for itself in a matter of days. I know for my marketing this is a source of traffic i will be heavily relying on in the near future for not only my affiliate sites, but my personal and music related sites as well.

For the advanced marketers out there this gives a really clear and SCALABLE method to start ranking articles quickly.  I am actually really excited to implement this in my own marketing as i have been missing out on what is potentially a gold mine of FREE organic traffic.

The course is broken down into:
12 videos – 4 hours of detailed training
2 bonus videos
Case study / proof

Overall this course takes you by the hand using CURRENT 2014 techniques to making affiliate commissions as well as building an email list using a basic 3 page website. It is really newbie friendly and extremely scalable… pick a niche, build the site and use his traffic method to drive TARGETED traffic to affiliate offers.

Some of it was basic for me, but for the newbie this is going to seriously give you a straight forward method – i can’t stress enough how important this type of information is for a newbie.

Overall the course is great, easy to follow and the videos are high quality looking over Mark’s Shoulder so to say as he shows you how to build out this strategy.

I know the 2 biggest issues with most internet marketers are:
breaking the barrier of “making their first $1 online” and “making their first passive income online”

I am extremely confident this method will help break both. The great thing is once you have ironed out the process this is easily scalable (which is what i look for in any internet marketing business)

There is no reason with a bit of time that this method could scale into the $1000’s in a matter of months with laser beam focus and a clear plan.

The other thing i cannot stress enough that Mark’s program covers is the ability to build an email list. Many affiliate methods do not give you the opportunity to build a list which  means those customers are gone for life. By building an email list you are building one of the most important assets in the internet marketing world, a list who you can continue to add value and send offers to month after month.

Overall i would really recommend this course to both the novice and advanced marketer. For newbies this course really hits on all of the major skills required to build a long term profitable business while giving a great actionable step by step guide to this specific technique.

For the advanced marketer who is not using press releases in their current traffic generating efforts – this course could literally pay for itself in an hour.

Most importantly this is a CURRENT technique that works that can be applied to other parts of your business and not just driving qualified traffic to affiliate offers. This could be used to help promote your personal blog, an upcoming book or build authority… overall the value of this course if implemented is absolutely worth the price

Traffic generation method that is not widely used
Build an email list of qualified buyers
Learn webcopy from an expert affiliate marketer

Learning curve can be a bit of a challenge to start for a complete newbie (but ultimately these are skills you need to learn!)

Case study website to follow the entire process

Resources Used In This Product
Optimize Press

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