POV Toyota Supra Low Boost GoPro Test + A Lamborghini Huracan – Cruise Video

Whats up Youtube family!

More of a test video then anything as I start to learn a bit more about filming / editing and vlogging.

Currently trying to figure out the best way to film from the car / figure out audio (if you have any suggestions let me know)

Using a GoPro Hero 4 with stock skeleton case and no external mic (External mic needs to happen ASAP)

Found out after the drive you can connect via bluetooth and see the angle so hopefully that helps next time with framing the shot!

In the video:

Cruising around Vancouver + See a brand new wrapped Lamborghini Huracan + a few low boost – 1/2 throttle roll-ons for giggles (and testing audio)

Can’t wait to get it to the highway and stretch its legs a bit!