What Multi-tasking Is Robbing You Of!

I had the great opportunity to sit down with a friend over some coffee and chat about productivity. We both had incredibly productive months yet he seemed much happier about his accomplishments. I unfortunately have been feeling a bit worn down as of late, scatter brained and feel like I am juggling one too many balls. Things are getting done... barely and the things I really wanted to achieve on a personal front seem to have taken the back burner [...]

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June 2014 Goals

Hey Guys! Update on my June 2014 goals - including a recap of my success over May. Big take away from this video is although you may not know every step of the path - it is important to keep moving forward. The best strategy is to "build your castle brick by brick". In my case tackling the 30 day challenge project is a new undertaking for me. By focusing on committing to an outline for this month it guarantees [...]

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Become A Morning Person: How To Wake Up In The Morning Full Of Energy!

This episode of Project Life Hacker - How to Become a morning person and wake up full of energy! For years I struggled with waking up in the morning, especially working in the nightclub industry for so long. In this edition of Project Life Hacker, I discuss the fool proof method for waking up full of energy and excited to take on the day! For more Life Hacks head on over to:

The 30 Day Challenge – Change Your Life In 30 Days

One of the fundamental parts of my life is the 30 day Challenge. This has been at the core of my self development for the last 2 years and has given me literally exponential growth! Watch my Youtube Video on the basics of the 30 Day Challenge: In my opinion this is one of the most important habits or skills to learn on your journey of self development.  Mastering the 30 day challenge is the ultimate building block towards setting [...]

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